Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Links & Articles:

Amma Geddin' Outta Here: One visitors disturbing visit to Amma's ashram 

Spiritual Leader Stays At LAX Hilton Despite Protests: Article regarding the LAX Hilton protest 

Amma's Hugs Won't Bring Justice: Webpage by Unite Here 

 On Why I Will Not Join Your Freaky Cult: An outsider's observations of the Amritapuri ashram.

Amma: A Two-Faced Mommy: Guruphiliac's humorous commentary on Amma as God. 

Satsang With Ammachi: Guruphiliac's visit to an Ammachi satsang 

Indian Mystic Is No Saint, Say Analysts: An article from The Rick Ross Institute For The Study Of Destructive Cults

Swept Up By Mother Love: Rahima's Story: Testimony from an ex-devotee.

Ashrams Om Us: Another outside visitors description of the Amritapuri ashram.  

Letter regarding The Death Of Caroline Arbitole:  Letter to the French Embassy regarding the death of a French ashramite.

Husband Of Caroline Arbitole Responds: Response letter from Caroline Arbitole's husband. Seems that the death was not suspicious, but an accident.  

The Miracle Stories Of Mata Amritanandamayi:  A critical view of the miracle stories surrounding Mata Amritanandamayi

Mysterious Disappearances:  One investigators view on the mysterious deaths around Amma's ashram

The Proliferation Of Hindu Cults Outside India: An interesting article with a large section devoted to the activities of the Amma organization. 

The Hugging Saint: A critical look at the reality behind the Amma organization from Worldwide Religious News. 

Indian Mystic Meddles In Politics: A look at the political ties of Amma and her crew. By Jay Shankar. 

Amma's Marketing Team:  The resume of the head of Ammachi's United States marketing and press team.

Petition To Protect The Life Of Sreeni Pattathanam : Old petition from the Sreeni Pattathanam case

Amma, Save Us From Your Followers: More outsider observations on ashram life 

The Lakshmi Of Our Times: A look at the financial, political and media control surrounding the Amma organization 

Amma's Swami Bashes Ghandi: Excerpts from the full article.  

Business Of The Gods: Addresses the financial empires of God men and women, with a section focusing on Amma. 

Amma's compassion: A news article about Amma and the LAX Hilton workers dispute. 

Rabbi Michael Lerner's Letter: Letter from esteemed Rabbi to Amma

Miracles Of Sudhamani: An article discussing the alleged Ammachi miracles 

Amma's Cosmic Squeeze: A more fairly balanced article. By Erik Davis, for 

Rise Of A God Woman: article discusses the Sreeni Pattathanam case and political ties of the Amma organization. 

Worshipping Amma As God: Another tale of an outsider getting creeped out by the ashram 

Interview With A Devotee: An interview that does a good job of illustrating underlying subtle brainwashing techniques and mental manipulation surrounding Ammachi

Saadya: An Ex Devotees Story 

Amrita TV Launched: An article discussing Ammachi's TV station

The Ammachi Letters: Should Ammachi stick to hugging? 

Embraceable You: A review by Dan Kapelovitz

10 Ways To Build A Cult Like Following: Eerily reflective of Ammachi